Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Amazing Hunt

Next Saturday, Feb. 10, my sister and I will be participating in The Amazing Hunt. It's Vancouver's own adventure race complete with Detours, Yields, Intersection and various other twists and turns [Miss604].

This one is a foot race downtown but several local races take place throughout the year in other cities in the Vancouver area. If you live in the area sign on up - the winners from each local race participate in the "Championship" to win cash prizes. The official website has YouTube videos and more detailed information for any Amazing Race wannabe that wants to take part in this event throughout the year.


Aaron said...

Good luck on your Hunt :) Look forward to hearing the results and your after action report on the whole event.


Miss 604 said...

Thanks :) We're SOOooo looking forward to it. If we're allowed to take pics I'll be doing that. If we're allowed to record some video, we'll do that too.

Bill Lin said...

Hi Miss604,

Unfortunately, we don't allow teams to take photos and videos while racing other than at the pit stop. But, we will have staffs filming the race process.

I will also try to come up with a short footage of you and your teammate so you can post it online once the race is finished.

Bill Lin said...

Please feel free to go our blog to watch the February race video preview at