Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars Feb. 18, 2007!

The teams have been selected and there's now an official date for the premiere of The Amazing Race All Stars [CBS.com]

We'll see Rob & Amber, who have already saturated reality TV, the Beauty Queens from the recent season 10, and Kentucky. Also, my favourite international shoppers, Oswald & Danny.


Aaron.Obst said...

Hey all you crazy canucks ... looking forward to some good discussions with you all again in the near future.

Nice to see Kentucky back, along with the BQ's (Yes you can start to hate me now). I dont agree with previous winners being in the show, but with that said Uchena (spelling?) and Joyce are the only other winners I would have liked to see with the hippies being my all time favorites.

See how this one shapes up, and hope that we are not seeing the death knell of the show ... I still have hopes of some day being on the show. :)


Miss 604 said...

Hi Aaron! Yes, looking forward to the new season and the heated discussions :p Thanks for coming back to the site !

Aaron.Obst said...

miss604 ... Thanks, enjoyed the debate about the episodes last time, and figured I would jump in from the get go this time around.

So I wonder if they will keep the intersection this time around, or if they will introduce something new to throw off the old players.

Im cheering for my BQ's to do good again this time around, I honestly believe that they are more intelligent racers than people give them credit for they just need to slow down a little and think more than react.