Monday, May 07, 2007

And the Winner Is...

Photo curitous of CBS

Ok we've been really bad with updating this blog lately that I had to at least post who the winners was.

Congratulations go out to Eric and Danielle. After having been yeild twice through out the game, they more than deserve to win.

Top 3 were:

1 - Eric and Danielle
2 - Dustin and Kandice
3 - Charla and Mirna

I do have to say this last leg was very exciting and they had some hard physical challenges.

I was disappointed when they were in San Francisco and after 10 minutes trying to get the 4 digit code to open the safe, they were automatically given the clue. I thought that was really unfair and should have made the other teams work alittle harder.

I know my update isn't what everyone is used to, but you get what you get :)

For more updates you can visit the offical site.

Update: Just found out that Eric and Danielle are no longer dating and were seen at the finale party with other dates.

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Louise said...

I cant believe that there is not one comment on the amazing race finale.This is by far the best program on tv I havent missed one episode since its first season.Congratulations to Eric and Danielle well deserved after being yielded twice.To the beauty queens Karma is a bitch isnt it!!!